Do you have an HR plan?
If you have staff, your management team will be confronted with human resources issues. Our consultants can provide your business with cost effective ways to manage your HR needs:
• Manager HR Training  • HR Policy Development
• Hiring & Recruiting     • Performance Management
• Conflict Resolution      • Management Coaching
• Attendance & Disability Management

Are you in a new role? Are you ready for the training you have wanted for awhile now?

Our Essential Skills for Managers and Supervisors workshop was developed to improve your knowledge of everything from Human Rights in the Work place to Managing Employee Performance.

  • Human Rights in the Workplace
  • Respectful Workplace
  • Managing Excessive Absenteeism
  • Making the Transition to Management
  • Leading Difficult Conversations

Cruise Human Resources Services is available on a consulting basis for short term projects, as your part-time/on-call HR department, or to cover the temporary absence of key HR staff. Our role is to strengthen your business by addressing issues related to employee performance, absenteeism, conflict investigation and resolution, policy development, and other issues related to management of your staff.

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Manager and Supervisor Training

Some mangers are born with a natural ability to inspire and lead, However, the vast majority of successful managers get a little help along the way-often on a regular basis.

Supervising and management involves more that just delegation of duties to employees. The legal roles of safety, privacy and human rights-as well as communication skills, motivation and rules enforcement-will determine whether a manager is effective and successful in their postion.

Our Essential Skills workshops are offered 2-4 times a year in various communities on Vancouver Island. As well, you can contact us for on-site, company specific training.

Terrace Aug 2015   Nanaimo Oct 2015   Campbell River Oct 2015

Workshop series includes:

1] Human Rights and Respectful Workplace

Every employer in British Columbia needs to understand the legal requirements around harassment, discrimination, and bullying in their workplace. In this workshop, learn what is and isn’t harassment and discrimination, how to deal with these issues, and how to create and maintain a workplace that is respectful of all employees. Learn what you need to know to protect your business and your employees from illegal and inappropriate behaviour.

2] Workplace Privacy

Learn what you need to know to protect your business and your employees from the inappropriate use or disclosure of personal information in this short workshop.

3] Managing Workplace Absenteeism

Understand your rights and responsibilities as an employer related to attendance management. This workshop covers how and when to request medical information from doctors, how to set and enforce reasonable attendance expectations, and introduces the concepts of the duty to accommodate and the point of undue hardship.

4] Making the Transition to Management

Considering promoting one of your workers to supervision or management? This workshop will lay bare the legal and other responsibilities, as well as the benefits, of making the move from worker to supervisor and includes a discussion on ‘working effectively with your boss’.

5] Effective Workplace Communications

Effective workplace communication is the foundation of positive and cooperative working relationships. Learn techniques to improve your communication skills as well as how to navigate around the natural barriers to effective communication.

6] Leading Difficult Discussions

Job performance, interpersonal conflict, absenteeism ...  Some discussions with employees are just plain hard. Learn how to prepare for and successfully execute a discussion about a difficult topic with an employee.

7] Supporting Workplace Change

This workshop introduces the topic of workplace change and looks at the supervisor’s role in supporting both the decisions of management and the needs of the workers during the change process.

8] Core Supervisory Skills

This workshop looks at the supervisory skills and requirements that must be understood by anyone who is responsible for the work and performance of employees, including management rights, agent of the employer, delegation, morale and motivation, due diligence and basic safety including the right to refuse unsafe work and Bill C45 [Westray].

9] Managing Employee Performance

If you have employees, you will have to deal with poor performance from time to time. This workshop builds on Core Supervisory Skills and addresses how and when to coach or discipline so that your union or non-union employees meet acceptable performance standards.



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