Do you have an HR plan?
If you have staff, your management team will be confronted with human resources issues. Our consultants can provide your business with cost effective ways to manage your HR needs:
• Manager HR Training  • HR Policy Development
• Hiring & Recruiting     • Performance Management
• Conflict Resolution      • Management Coaching
• Attendance & Disability Management

  • Best performance efforts and results require regular, effective communication with individual employees.
  • Do you find it difficult to measure and document employee performance?
  • Do you avoid performance review meetings for so long that they never happen?

Learn to: 
  • Recognizing and addressing poor performance
  • Leading investigation interviews
  • Culpable versus non-culpable conduct
  • The concept of “Just and Reasonable Cause”
  • and more....

Cruise Human Resources Services is available on a consulting basis for short term projects, as your part-time/on-call HR department, or to cover the temporary absence of key HR staff. Our role is to strengthen your business by addressing issues related to employee performance, absenteeism, conflict investigation and resolution, policy development, and other issues related to management of your staff.

Let us help you create a 'best case' scenario for your business.


Managing Performance

Managing Employee Performance

Good employees often feel ignored, unappreciated and uncertain about how they are doing. Poor performers are frequently not given the timely attention they need to be held accountable for  their actions. Performance discussions can be a great motivator for your best employees, or a final “wake up call” for those whose performance must change.

Improved performance from employees who “know where they stand” will result from these discussions. As your HR consultant, Cruise HR Solutions will guide you through the key steps in assessing employee performance, encouraging positive behaviours, and setting and communicating clear and realistic expectations so that your people are motivated to perform at their best.

Cruise HR Solutions will train your supervisors and managers in effective performance management techniques or we will develop and implement a Performance Appraisal program for your business.


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