Do you have an HR plan?
If you have staff, your management team will be confronted with human resources issues. Our consultants can provide your business with cost effective ways to manage your HR needs:
• Manager HR Training  • HR Policy Development
• Hiring & Recruiting     • Performance Management
• Conflict Resolution      • Management Coaching
• Attendance & Disability Management

  • Do your business leaders understand and use the most effective recruitment practices for today’s tight labour market?

  • Do you hire and retain employees who will deliver top quality, reliable customer service?

  • Do your employees stay with your business or do they move on to other jobs causing you to go through the hiring and training time and expense again?

Cruise Human Resources Services is available on a consulting basis for short term projects, as your part-time/on-call HR department, or to cover the temporary absence of key HR staff. Our role is to strengthen your business by addressing issues related to employee performance, absenteeism, conflict investigation and resolution, policy development, and other issues related to management of your staff.

Let us help you create a 'best case' scenario for your business.





Recruiting Skills for Managers and Supervisors »

Selecting the right employees is one of the most important decisions a business owner or manager will make. Good employees arrive at work eager to contribute to the success of your business. They understand that their interests are closely tied to the interests of the enterprise.

However, finding, hiring and keeping these employees is a gamble and very time consuming. Measures must be made of each candidate’s willingness and ability to perform the work, and to advance in your enterprise. The “fit” between the potential employee and your workplace is critical.

The results of professional employee recruiting practices will be both immediate and long lasting. Based on extensive hiring experience, Cruise HR Solutions will recruit employees for your business. Alternatively, we will support and coach your managers through the employee recruitment process. We will ensure that your new employees are the best available using interviewing skills that your business leaders will learn and retain.

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