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If you have staff, your management team will be confronted with human resources issues. Our consultants can provide your business with cost effective ways to manage your HR needs:
• Manager HR Training  • HR Policy Development
• Hiring & Recruiting     • Performance Management
• Conflict Resolution      • Management Coaching
• Attendance & Disability Management

Why is a Vision Statement so important? Because it says “at our very best, this is what we can achieve”. The Vision statement is the organization’s North Star. Everything that follows should be planned with this in mind.

The Mission Statement flows naturally from the Vision. It focuses on daily activities. It reminds employees “what we do” and “who we do it for”.

Values reflect the core ideology of the organization, the deeply held beliefs that do not change over time. They answer the question “how do we carry out our Mission?” Values guide decision making and create and define the culture that will support all aspects of a business.

The Vision, Mission and Values Workshop can be a milestone in the life of an organization. It can define a new beginning or it can clarify and put into words the direction and culture that has never before been written down. Often done during an annual retreat, as a lead-in to a strategic planning session, or as part of team building, this workshop creates a solid foundation for your employees and your business.

Delivery Format: The Vision, Mission and Values Workshop is a facilitated session(s) drawing on the knowledge and passion of the participants. It is custom designed to suit the needs of the client.

A no-obligation quote will be provided on request.

Creating Your Vision, Mission & Values

A high-value workshop designed to bring focus to an organization's goal setting and strategic planning:

Often the most overlooked and important responsibility of a business leader is to create and communicate a Vision of what your organization aspires to achieve. In some cases, this Vision is the product of one individual; more often it is the collective insight of the leadership or management team. However they are  created, it is essential to have the Vision, Mission and Values in place in order for an organization to reach its full potential.

When employees understand and become committed to the Values, Mission and Vision of your organization,  they will find ways to align their daily and weekly action plans to support the strategic direction you have chosen. Your strategic direction, in turn, is guided by your Mission. When all these “stars” are aligned, Visions can be achieved.

Using a facilitated approach, the participants will debate, refine, and ultimately create and agree to statements that describe your organizations unique ambitions, goals, strategies and culture.

The benefits of the workshop include:

  • Strategic alignment of the organizations goals and activities
  • Team building
  • Involvement and buy-in from all levels of the organization
  • Renewed focus and motivation for the whole organization
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