Do you have an HR plan?
If you have staff, your management team will be confronted with human resources issues. Our consultants can provide your business with cost effective ways to manage your HR needs:
• Manager HR Training  • HR Policy Development
• Hiring & Recruiting     • Performance Management
• Conflict Resolution      • Management Coaching
• Attendance & Disability Management

"The HR training that CRTV management staff received was practical, comprehensive and professionally presented."   Jim Forsyth,
Campbell River TV Association

Course content can be customized using in-house policies, situations and documentation.

Delivery: Face to face, with opportunities to address real-life situations, exercises and role playing.

Take away a complete set of checklists, templates, sample letters and course manual.

A no-obligation quote will be provided on request. Keep your costs low by sharing a program with another business.

Training Course Outlines

"Ensure effective performance and strong working relationships with well trained managers and supervisors!"

Recruiting Skills for Managers

“Keeping your BEST EMPLOYEES over the long term starts with professional recruiting".  Recruiting Skills for Managers covers the “how” of hiring new employees and selecting current employees for promotion, with just enough of the “why” to make it stick.  more info »

Managing Employee Performance 

Managing Employee Performance in the Unionized Workplace is a compact, “straight to the facts”, program designed to give Managers and Supervisors the knowledge and tools needed to fully represent the interests of the employer while building a professional relationship with their employees and Union representatives. It could be called a realistic blend of “tough-love and teamwork”. more info » 

Workplace Privacy

Protect your business and your employees from the inappropiate and illegal use or disclosure of personal information.... more info

A comprehensive HR program for Supervisors, Managers and Human Resources leaders responsible for evaluating employee performance and deliver performance improvement coaching.

Workplace Human Rights

 This program is an overview of the BC Human Rights Code as it applies to workplaces in British Columbia. It is designed for Managers, Supervisors and Employees and supports the creation of safe and respectful working environments.

The principles are simple; the law is clear ... right? But what does it really mean to discriminate against an employee; what is harassment? And where is the line between making a business decision based on the best information available and breaking the law? Then there is the "fun and playful workplace" of some employees that causes "fear, anger and distrust" in others. What about bullying, where does it fit into this discussion?

The British Columbia Human Rights Code spells out the law as it applies to workplaces in the province, but like most laws it needs interpretation for effective application on the job.  more info »

Creating Your Vision, Mission & Values

Often the most overlooked and important responsibility of a business or other organization leader is the creation and communication of a Vision... an idea of what your organization aspires to. In some cases, this Vision is the product of one individual; more often it is the collective insight of the leadership or management team. more info »


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